Sunday, 8 March 2015

Marmalade tea bread

I was lucky enough to be given a jar of home made marmalade by a friend - proper, chunky, dark, slightly bitter marmalade. In a moment of need the other week I stole a proportion of the jam (leaving the peel) for the filling in a chocolate orange cake (4-egg sponge with 3tbsp cocoa + microplaned orange zest). This left me with marmalade too chunky to spread on toast, but I had another use in mind.

I made a dairy free tea bread for a Christmas hamper, which included a couple of tbsp of marmalade in the recipe. At the time I used apricot jam but now I had lovely chunky marmalade to use. It's a winner :)

Original recipe (Nigella forums)

8oz self-raising flour
4oz sugar
8oz mixed fruit soaked in 1 cup cold black tea
1 egg

How easy is that?!

I doubled it, but omitted the sugar and put more marmalade in (last time I made it I forgot the sugar, oops, and it was perfectly edible). I don't think the quantity matters but there was about a third of a 1lb jar (for 2 loaves, remember). I soaked my fruit for ages (over 24hrs) due to general disorganisation, and then when it came to cake-making I mixed the marmalade and my 2 (beaten) eggs into the fruit/tea. I sifted the flour with some mixed spice, then poured the wet mix over it and stirred well (I kept finding pockets of flour but this would be easier if only making a single quantity).

Divided between 2 loaf tins, it took an hour at 170°C (fan) to cook to a nice moist-but-done consistency. It's lovely, and the marmalade really comes through.

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