Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Pear and ginger upside down cake

An Asda recipe. A 2-egg sponge with ground cinnamon and ginger and chopped ginger in syrup, and 6 pear halves on the bottom with a butter/sugar mix to caramelise.

I used dark brown sugar, not light, as I didn't have any light. I added some of the syrup from the jar to the butter/sugar mix for the top. I also made a mess in the oven because I used a springform/loose bottomed tin, and the butter/sugar leaked out. Sigh.

Might be better with a 3-egg mix to give more depth over/under the pears. Something like this yogurt cake could also be interesting (with added spice).

Update: same concept, but an alternative recipe combo of this caramel pear cake on allrecipes and this honey and spice loaf cake from Good Housekeeping. Brown sugar and butter melted to make a caramel, with sliced tinned pears arranged in it in the tin. Then a spiced cake mix also made with caramel to start (and ginger syrup instead of the honey). Used my square tin without a loose bottom, and it was much less messy. Cake was baked in about 30 minutes, less than the recipe (although a loaf would take longer). Came out easily once cool.

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