Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Felafel burgers

Another BBC Good Food recipe. I'd possibly try this again but there are so many things to change I should really look for another recipe!
  • Not enough texture - blend for less time, or maybe mash.
  • Not enough oomph to the flavour - more cumin, coriander. I used Ras-el-hanout instead of harissa, so if I did that again I would (a) use more and (b) add something else for heat.
  • Too oniony - chop the onion more finely first, and use only half.
  • Too soft (crispy outside, bleh middle, hard to flip). I added water in an attempt to get the chick peas to do something other than plaster the wall of the food processor - that was a bad move.
Or I suppose I could just buy a mix ;)

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